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It’s been three months since I started my treatment at Figuura to get leaner but above all firmer legs. Curious to see my results so far? Then keep reading!

“I lost more than 10 cm around my hips!”

The treatments
This last month I did workouts in a heat cabin and compression therapy sessions twice a week. Read my Figuura introduction blog post for comprehensive information about the treatments and watch this video  if you’re interested in what those treatments look like exactly! Next to that I also make better decisions when it comes to food. That doesn’t mean that I never eat something unhealthy anymore, but I learned to make conscious choices: when I drink wine, I won’t eat fries and the other way around. And when I do for example eat fries, I’ll eat healthier meals the days after. And I must say I feel really good about that! I started loving the positive feeling I get by eating healthy: not only my body became healthier, but also my mind. I just feel REALLY good about myself at the moment!

The results
Time for the results! Underneath you can see how many centimeters I lost per body part. This time we also measured my upper body.
– 4 cm per upper arm
– 4 cm stomach
– 4 cm waist
– 8 cm belly
– 11 cm hips
– 6 cm per upper leg
I’m so incredibly happy with these results! I lost more than 10 centimeters around my hips, which equals two clothing sizes! Next to that I went from 71,5 kilograms to 63,7 kilograms, which means I lost a whopping 7,8 kilograms! Today I’ll be flying to Bali and I’m so ready for it. For the first time in my life I will feel totally secure about my own body!

What now?
At first we planned to agreed to quit after three months, but Renate asked me if I wanted to keep going for a little while longer to really make sure the results are here to stay. Of course I said yes! We’re not entirely sure for how long we’re gonna keep going yet, but we’ll discuss that after my vacation. I do have an appointment right when I het back from my vacation, which is a great motivation to keep myself on track during my vacation, haha!

“I lost two clothing sizes”

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