Green Velvet Curtains: The finishing touch for our hotel chic interior

dark green velvet curtains kicthen island marble counter top

Two months ago, we finally made the decision and ordered our curtains! For both the large sliding door in the open kitchen and the window in the living area, we chose green velvet curtains. What a difference they make! Our interior looks so much warmer and more luxurious! Moreover, they provide extra privacy and insulation during the dark days. In this blog post, I will explain our choice for green velvet drapes in more detail and provide you with all the details!

Luxurious green velvet curtains

I love the interior style you find in luxury hotels. This style is characterized by the use of chic materials such as marble, gold, and velvet. I had already incorporated the marble and gold elements – see our marble kitchen island with the gold Quooker tap – but velvet was still missing in our interior. From the very beginning, I was set on having velvet curtains, but I hesitated for a while about the color: Do I play it safe with a sandy shade, or do I dare to make a statement with lush moss or olive green velvet curtains?

I went with the second option, and I am incredibly happy with it! The dark green velvet curtains exude undeniable luxury and make our centerpiece – the marble-look Dekton kitchen island – shine even more! Moreover, our understated interior could use some color. The touchable fabric also forms a beautiful contrast with all the hard materials in the space, such as the lava stone floor and steel door.

A House Of Happiness Elite curtain fabric velvet

The fabric is from the brand A House Of Happiness and is called Elite. We chose the color 03 moss green. The Elite is entirely made of polyester. This means they’re velour curtains. Although the terms are often used interchangeably, this is not the same as velvet curtains. Velvet is actually made of cotton. However, this material is not commonly used for curtains. Cotton velvet drapes are very susceptible to shrinking and discoloration. Velour curtain fabrics made of polyester are fortunately much less prone to these issues!

We ordered our custom-made green velvet curtains from Solano Wonen. This Dutch sunshade specialist has a spacious showroom in Leeuwarden (the Netherlands), but you can also easily request color samples online. These are sent completely for free! Moreover, they offer free measurements when placing an order! An incredibly convenient service, as I don’t entirely trust my own measuring skills. Within two weeks, we received our tailor-made velour curtains ready to hang at home, and we installed them ourselves. A straightforward task!

Tip! Curtains always need some time to hang and unwrinkle. Do you lack patience like me? Use a garment steamer; I’m very satisfied with this steamer. The wrinkles disappeared in no time!

A House Of Happiness Elite gvelvet blackout drapes sliding doors Solano Wonen dekton bergen counter top marble kitchen island

Five Advantages of lined velvet curtains

When you order curtains, you’re almost always asked if you want them lined. This means a second layer of fabric is sewn to the back of the chosen fabric. We chose to do this; our velour curtains are lined with the fabric Linero in Off White 01. Below, I’ll explain five advantages of lining your curtains.

1. Discoloration 

Our sliding door is directly facing south. As a result, the curtains receive a lot of sun exposure, and even with polyester curtains, there’s a risk of discoloration. To prevent this, you can have the fabric lined. This was the main reason why we decided to line our curtains. Unfortunately, there was no matching color lining fabric available, so we went with off white. This matches our window frames best. This way, it looks like a unified whole from the outside.

2. Insulation

Furthermore, white reflects more sunlight, thereby enhancing its heat-blocking capabilities. Velour curtains are naturally insulating due to the thickness of the fabric. By lining them, you create even thicker velour curtains and therefore higher insulation value! This insulation works in two ways: in the summer, it keeps the heat outside, while in the winter, it keeps the cold out.

3. Volume 

Lining also gives curtains more volume. Since we didn’t want the green velvet curtains in the living room to look thin compared to the curtain in the open kitchen, we also had these lined.

4. Acoustics

Another added benefit is that this large amount of fabric improves acoustics. All the reverberation has completely disappeared! Since our interior consists of many hard materials, this was also a welcome advantage for us.

5. Blackout

Finally, you can use lining to create velvet blackout drapes. As our curtains hang in living spaces, it’s not important for us to have velvet green blackout curtains. Therefore, we didn’t choose blackout lining fabric but opted for the smoothest fabric.

We are incredibly happy with the result! The bare walls on either side of the windows are now nicely filled. Especially in the living room, we see a significant difference! This space used to feel a bit like a plain box, and with the moss green velvet curtains, it now feels much cozier. This feeling was further enhanced when we later hung posters of various sizes on the wall above the couch. Now it’s complete!