Meet our lava stone resin floor: 100% scratch-resistant and waterproof!

lava stone flooring cast resin floor scratch resistant waterproof

In August 2022, my boyfriend and I received the keys to our 1970s house, which we completely renovated. I quickly made up my mind about the choice of flooring: I had been dreaming of a cast floor for years. Another long-cherished wish was to have a house where the door is always open and where parties are regularly held. Therefore, the floor had to not only be beautiful but also resistant to rough use. That’s when I discovered scratch-resistant lava stone flooring. These robust floors have graced our kitchen and living room for over six months now. In this blog, I’d love to share our genuine experiences with our lava stone floor!

What is a lava stone floor and what are the benefits?

A lava stone floor is largely made from natural rock originating from volcanic activity: solidified lava. Combined with synthetic resin, this results in an extremely hard material. It is, in fact, the strongest cast resin floor on the market. The lava fragments in the floor create interesting accents that give depth to the floor. Lava stone floors are available in a variety of colors. Lava stone floors have numerous advantages. I’ll list them all for you!

Scratch proof flooring

Scratch sensitivity is a frequently well-known disadvantage of traditional resin floors. Sliding furniture, high heels, and dog nails can all leave unsightly scratches. A lava stone floor, on the other hand, is known for being a scratch resistant floor. The material is so hard that the resin floor is completely scratchproof. This is often demonstrated in videos where a coin or Stanley knife is scraped across the surface without causing any damage. We also tested this ourselves in the showroom. And indeed, no scratches were visible! The floor even caused damage to the coin: you could see one side of the coin becoming flat. Since a house is meant to be lived in, I place great importance on the floor being scratch-resistant!

Hygienic and waterproof floor

Unlike, for example, a parquet floor, a resin floor is completely seamless. This makes a resin floor highly hygienic, as dirt cannot accumulate in seams. Especially in a kitchen, I consider a hygienic floor a significant advantage. The chance of food residues ending up on the floor is quite high. With a seamless floor, this is fortunately not a problem. Moreover, a lava stone floor is waterproof. The material is water-resistant, and since the floor is laid seamlessly, moisture cannot seep through seams underneath the floor. So, you can confidently uncork a bottle of red wine!

Lava stone resin floor and underfloor heating

Nowadays, almost everyone has underfloor heating. That includes us! During the renovation, we had underfloor heating installed throughout the ground floor. Therefore, it was important that the resin floor could be combined with underfloor heating. Luckily, this is not an issue with a lava stone floor!

Rugged and low-maintenance

Another major advantage of lava stone resin floors, in my opinion, is the cloudy effect and subtle speckles. Because the floor is not uniform in color, dust and other dirt are much less noticeable. This makes the floor relatively low-maintenance: you don’t have to constantly grab the vacuum cleaner. Furthermore, I find a resin floor with natural imperfections much more attractive than a sleek floor in a single color. The latter can quickly appear somewhat clinical, in my view. Our lava stone floor reminds me more of a rugged concrete floor. In fact, it’s often referred to as a cast concrete floor.
lava stone flooring cast resin floor scratch resistant waterproof
lava stone flooring cast resin floor scratch resistant waterproof

Ultimate test: Dance party with 30 enthusiastic guests

Almost immediately, we decided to put the floor to the ultimate test: for my 30th birthday, we organized a house party for about 30 people. We went all out! We rented a professional sound system, lighting, and smoke machines. A DJ took care of the music, and drinks were abundant. It was a great success! There was intensive dancing throughout the evening, and the drinks flowed freely. The next day, the floor proved to be completely unscathed. There wasn’t a single scratch to be seen! To be fair, the floor felt a bit sticky, and there was a strong odor. But after thorough mopping, the floor looked brand new again, as if nothing had happened!

Tip! For cleaning, I use this Vileda microfiber mop. The special Turbo mop can effectively scrub away stubborn dirt if necessary.

Lava stone resin floor price

We chose an Errelab lava stone floor for our living room and kitchen. This is one open space of 60 square meters. We paid €6,000 for this at Art Tech Decorative, a highly professional company from Heerenveen. Therefore, a lava stone floor costs €100 per square meter. That’s a substantial amount, but worth every penny in my opinion. Of course, we hesitated when we received the quote, but we also realized that this floor essentially doesn’t need to be replaced. Spread out over the years, it’s not that much. After all, most other floors would need replacement at some point. Especially when maintenance is neglected. For instance, a parquet floor needs to be oiled annually. Fortunately, a resin floor requires no maintenance!

5% discount on your lava stone floor!

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Disclaimer: We fully paid for our floor ourselves! My lava stone resin floor experiences have not been influenced by any pre-existing collaboration. The idea of the discount code arose only a few months after the floor was laid.