Hi, I’m Rowan! And yes, despite this being a popular boy’s name nowadays, I am unmistakably a woman in every sense! I’m 30 years young, and on Red Reiding Hood – a nod to my last name – I’ve been blogging for over a decade about my favorite topics: Fashion, beauty, home, and travel.

Wardrobe Repeat

My blog originally started as a place to share my outfits. Back then, I was a student on a limited budget, and I distinguished myself by showing how to create different looks with a single clothing item. While others seemed to constantly acquire new pieces of clothing, I presented a more realistic perspective. Although it was mainly a financial consideration at the time, I still strongly believe in recycling outfits. Why buy items you’ll only wear once?


While my love for fashion has never faded, other interests have grown over the years. I’ve become more invested in animal welfare, became a vegetarian, and transitioned to using only cruelty-free cosmetics. Brands that align with these values deserve all the recognition according to me, so I’m happy to give them a platform on my channels.

Home and Away

Over time, I also caught the travel bug. Exploring new places on this Earth brings me so much joy that I want to share this passion with you as well: from relaxing in luxurious resorts to challenging hikes through the jungle. And last but not least, in 2022, my partner and I bought our first ‘grown-up’ house, finally giving me the opportunity to fully express my love for interior design. I regularly give you a glimpse into our modern chic home!

Ultimately, all my passions beautifully converge, as an outfit truly comes to life in a beautiful setting – whether that’s my own home or a tropical paradise!


Are you interested in a collaboration? Great! Please send your proposal to info@redreidinghood.com