Swiss Clinic Skin Renewal Set microneedling derma rolling review Swiss Clinic Skin Renewal Set microneedling derma rolling review

Wow, it honestly feels a little strange to be writing a blog post again, since it’s been quite a few months since my last one. Lately I’ve been a lot more focused on my Instagram and YouTube, since I honestly think those channels simply are more popular than blogs nowadays. Plus that I’m really starting to enjoy producing video content and simply like being able to quickly show you my outfit and tell you about a product I like. I therefore decided to only use this blog for when I want to talk about stuff more in depth: personal stories, travel guides and beauty products that deserve more attention. The latter is the reason why I decided to write this post. I recently discovered a technique called “Derma Rolling” (or microneedling) by Swiss Clinic and it’s blown my mind so much that I think it deserves a more in depth explanation than I quick Instagram post, so here we go!

“Derma rolling stimulates the natural healing process, causing your skin to produce collagen.”

What is a derma roller and why should you use it?
So “what the hell is derma rolling”, I hear you thinking. Well, it all starts with a brush kind of tool from a company called Swiss Clinic. The tool has a rollable ‘head’ with hundreds of tiny needles. The needles of mine are 0.2mm to be precisely. The idea is easy: after you cleaned your face you start rolling the derma roller over your face with gentle pressure in several ways. Up and down, left and right. What it basically does is ‘damaging’ the skin on a very tiny scale. This stimulates a natural healing process, which causes your skin to produce collagen. Collagen (or botox) is what doctors use to fill wrinkles, but by derma rolling your skin produces it naturally and doesn’t need any injections. So one thing that derma rolling does is decreasing wrinkes and fine lines. Next to that it reduces the size of your proces and the production of sebum, which helps to stop acne. It also exfioliates the skin, which makes it feel really soft. And because the needles kind of ‘open up’ your skin, derma rollling also makes sure that your skin care products get soaked up by your skin better.

My experience with derma rolling
I already was very curious about derma rolling for a while now, since my favorite blogger and YouTuber Lydia Elise Millen is very excited about it (read her review here). So when I got asked to try the Swiss Clinic Skin Renewal set, which includes a skin roller, rejuvenating serum and sanitizing spray, I obviously got very excited. I started derma rolling about a month ago to keep my skin young and hopefully delay the signs of aging in the form of wrinkles. Whether that works is pretty hard to say. I mean I still don’t have any wrinkles, but I don’t think they would have already appeared by now either. This is more of a long term goal. A short term reason for me to start derma rolling is my acne that suddenly started to come back (read my entire acne story here). Derma rolling should help to beat acne as well, since it opens up the pores. And I must say that I really think it makes a difference. It’s not like I suddenly am entirely free of spots now, but I do think my skin is much more calm now. I see a few less spots, but also less redness in general. What really confirmed that it works to me is my trip to Curaçao. I just started derma rolling two weeks before my trip and could already notice my skin getting calmer. I forgot to bring my derma roller to Curaçao with me though and BAM the bigger painful spots returned. So when I got home I immediately picked up derma rolling again and my skin is much calmer again now. I also just really like the feeling of the derma roller going over my skin. I can feel the needles, but it’s not painful. It actually makes me feel kind of zen. Plus it’s like I can really feel my skin soaking up the product much better. When I don’t use the derma roller (I try to use it everyday, but sometimes I’m too tired and just want to go to bed) I feel like my cream is just laying on top of the surface of my skin. If I’ve got to mention one disadvantage, it’s the fact that you run out quite quickly of the sanitizing spray. But I think you could use something disinfecting from the drugstore as well.

The next step
So now that I’ve experienced the benefits of the 0.2 mm derma roller I consider getting the 0.5 mm as well. According to Lydia it makes your skin soak up even more product. And I’d like to try the Skin Roller – Body as well to see if it can tighten up the skin on my butt and reduce my cellulite even further. Of course my treatments at Figuura take care of that as well, but for maximum results I’d like to have something to do from home as well.

“I forgot to bring my derma roller to Curaçao and BAM the big painful spots returned.”

You can purchase the Swiss Clinic Skin Renewal set for €96,- here. Have you ever tried derma rolling or are you tempted to do so now?


PS: Swiss Clinic sent me these products, but I’m not paid to say only nice things about them. This article contains my honest and truthful opinion.